WW Freestyle Review 2020 – Weight Watchers

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is weight watchers the best diet in 2020 ?

7.5 / 10 Reviewer
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  • The most popular diet plan in the world.
  • Support groups and coach.
  • Phone App.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Suitable for high cholesterol.
  • Suitable New Mothers.
  • Eat any type of Food.
  • 200 new zero points eat what you like foods.
  • Cons
  • There is a monthly membership charge
  • Some discontent with the new website see the user review at the bottom of the page
  • Summary
    The most popular diet plan in the world with 4 times as many searches on google then any other diet. Founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch from New York after a neighbour apparently mistook her for being pregnant. On 12th of march 2017 Weight Watchers is rolled out its new name WW freestyle to the U.S. market. The WW being an abbreviation of “wellness that works”. The basic principle is that you have a daily points target and can eat the types of food you like {within reason :). Each meal or ingredient has a points value called smartpoints which you can easily calculate on the main review page. WW uses a intelligent points system that assigns more points to junk food and less points to nutritious food.
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    The difference between the old weight watchers and WW Freestyle in 2020

    WW Freestyle now has zero points foods which means the points allowance is lower to take account of this. The points system is still worked out according to your age, height, weight, and gender but is down from about 30 to 23 daily points for some people.

    Another feature is the ability to roll over up to 4 unused points to the next day. The points value for each food stays the same and helps steer you to toward lean meats, fruit and veg and move you away from foods high in saturated fat.

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    The benefits of this diet plan are obvious it has a huge online community and allows you the freedom to choose the foods you like . You can even carry points over to the next day.

    In the UK and USA as well as most other countries there is a digital app so you can follow your diet more independently and the app also includes support from online coaches if needed.

    The second option is the digital & studio which also gives group support among other things. The digital app is priced at £ 1.94 per week and the digital app & studio is £3.30. per week. In the United States, the App is $4.22 and the combined app and studio is $12.69.

    Pricing and offers can change but it gives you some idea. If you sign up for a longer period at the time of writing the sign-up fee OF $20 is removed.

    Dieting can be quite hard without support so it’s worth paying a monthly fee to get the support and guidance you need. There are also numerous local facebook groups so you can often find a diet buddy and share your weight loss journey with a friend.

    It is possible to do Weight Watchers for free with our comprehensive guide below but you have to be  organized and well motivated. 

    The guide includes everything you need with a beginner introduction, recipes and the points score for each food. The free resources are updated weekly for you and Include the weight watchers smart point calculator. 

    ww freestyle menu review

    In our Opinion WW freestyle is one of the most complete and well-supported diet plans in 2020. It is a super option if you find it hard to follow strict limited diets or if you lack motivation. The flexibility of WW and its focus on low-calorie foods make it suitable for special interest groups like diabetics or those who suffer from high cholesterol and even people who are more athletic and go to the gym.


    Free Weight Watchers Resources.


    1 week Weight Watchers Meal Plan.
    1 week Meal Plan with ingredients 
    Great Illustrated guide of food ideas for breakfast, lunch and Dinner with smart points
    Printable complete smart points for all foods 


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