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Who developed Proactol XS  ?

Proactol XS was developed by Bauer Nutrition which was formed in 2006.

How Much weight can you lose on Proactol

Some reports suggest 6 lbs in 2 weeks, reports vary.

What are the ingredients of Proactol XS  ?

Chitosan….. A sugar from the skeleton of shellfish that acts to block fat absorption
Magnesium Stearate.. ..Used to prevent Ingredients binding
Silica…. 2nd most abundant element on earth found in sand and soil strengthens brain tissue among other things
Titanium Dioxide…. A safe pigment {FDA} Used for colouring and other purposes
Hypromellose…. Used to control the release speed of substances

A Video review of the dietairy ingredient Chitosan
Professional Supplement Review - Chitosan


Does Proactol XS help you lose weight ?

Does it work well some people give glowing reviews others have been less then impressed. Having said that Bauer nutrition do offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is as generous as we have seen.

Does Proactol XS have any side effects ?
Reported side effects including Stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting though it must be said such sever side effects seem to be rare.
What is the correct dosage of Proactol XS ?
The recommended Proactol dosage is two capsules daily.
Additional information
What do other Websites say about Proactol XS ?
Proactol XS contains Chitosan which is considered the main ingredient in the formula. Clinical studies suggest it could be effectively used for the purpose that it is intended. The FDA seems to have approved of it being safely consumed, however, there is no verification of its weight loss capability {}
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