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There is no denying it.

If you have a little penis it does not matter if you are a multi millionaire, chief executive or famous Hollywood star. If you have a little one a woman will never really respect you or consider you an alpha.

And this you know in your heart of hearts.

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Unless you are oblivious to reality it will be hard for you to feel confident and satisfied as a man if you secretly know your partner is less than satisfied. 

If you keep your woman it will not be on the account of satisfying her

The constant threat will hang over you.

Will she seek a real confident man who is well hung?

…. or atleast experiment 🙁

Even if your partner is willing to sacrifice sexual satisfaction for the rest of her life or you both experiment to do other things to “make up for it” …. It is not a nice place to be mentally. 

What man wouldn’t prefer to present their manhood.. and ….
…. a woman to gasp “WOW” 

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If you are not a high flying chief executive or swish with money a big penis is the equalizer.

“…..She may go to the other man for shopping trips she will go to you to be served…..”

First let me explain a little how penis extenders  and pumps work.

Many cheap chinese models have flooded the market with some awful stories about the clamp extenders.

Those are the contraptions that you clamp on to your penis to stretch it . While certified models are safe if you follow the instructions.

Most people now use the less invasive pumps.

But a word of warning you have one penis, as if you did not know. The top rated product got alot attention from our readers because it is the only one to have EU approval which is somewhat stricter than the US variation.

“….Penomet is the only penis pump in existence to sport a CE marking, a declaration by our manufacturer that our product meets the compliance requirements of EU legislation….”

Gone are the days people spend 10.000 thousand dollars or more on surgery.
It is safer and cheaper to extend a penis using a penis pump for a few minutes a day then it is to go under the scalpel.

How Penis Extenders Work

The penis extenders all essentially work the same way in that they use a contraption you place on your penis which stretches your penis. Many have reported pain using these and they are rather brutal looking contraptions.


increase penis size like this in 2020

The very first step of being able to get and keep any woman is knowing you can perform in bed. No one liners, no fancy car or clothes will save you if you are wimp in the bedroom. If you want to be a man who makes a woman say “gosh” and make up for any deficiencies, a large penis is the great equalizer.


Penis pumps on the other hand are not brutal and are considered to be the most effective modern way to get a large penis short of having an implant operation. 

Different Types of Penis Pumps.

There are 2 types of penis pumps so it is wise to make sure you get safe ones that actually work. First are the cheap ones that use air suction they are available from most places like amazon. As the price suggests they can be risky because the air suction is very forceful. The Better safer models use water and gently massage and extend your penis. They are often the choice of medical professionals to enlarge the penis and to combat erectile dysfunction

How do penis pumps work?

Air penis pumps comprise a cylinder and a tube to a pump bell which you squeeze to inflate. With water penis pumps you fill the cylinder with warm water place the cylinder on a rubber base ring at the base of your penis and make 2 – 3 pumping motions to increase pressure. Water pumps are considered healthier for the skin and more advanced.


These are suitable for any age and penis size and do not need to be fitted by a doctor. 

There are 3 options for you if you have a small penis. Spend thousands on a surgery and go under the scalpel, use a penis extender or tolerate never satisfying your woman. They may seem simple options maybe you don’t like the options but the truth is there is no mystic who can magic you a bigger manhood and no magical cream.

A poll of 23,321 men from around world and an outright winner.

All cost a few hundred dollars the 1st choice came top by quite some margin due to the money back guarantee. If you want to share your favourite product leave a message in the comment section. 

no 5 rated quick extender pro penis enlarger Quick Extender Pro

3% of the vote
Good but some complaints that it did not extend penis girth very well

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4% of the vote

no 1 rated male enlarger in 2020

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RATED 3 to increase size of penis Pro Extender

5% of the vote

pro extender plus from amazon rated at number 3

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rated 2 quick weight loss obesity

Jes Extender

11% of the vote
Old fashioned with some complaints about pain but still popular with some.

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Penomet Penis Pump

77% of the vote
Backed by science and many readers report gains of more than a inch using this just a few minutes per day!

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