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What is homeopathy? A Quick Guide.

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Homeopathic weight loss remedies are available everywhere. However shady marketing methods make choosing the best supplement difficult mainly because of the false claims manufacturers tend to make.

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Some chemicals, herbs, and nutrients do help induce weight loss. A good way to find the best supplement is not to place emphasis on the brand name but to choose your supplement based on its ingredients. It should specifically contain one of these fat-fighting supplements.

homeopathic weight loss supplements



This is a salt found in the dried rind of Garcinia Cambodia and brindal berry and is usually listed in the ingredients list as Hydroxitrate Acid or HCA. While it was traditionally used for treating joint problems, studies prove that it also helps at increasing metabolism, burning fat and suppressing the appetite. There are many diet supplements containing Hydroxycitrate Acid like Hydroxycut, Citri-Lite and Garcinia Trim-Plus.


Some people are uncomfortable with the fact that this supplement comes from the chitin shells of insects. However, it’s dieters who ignore this fact that realize it is a high source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol and inhibit fat.

Whey protein

Whey protein is usually associated with helping a bodybuilder bulk up. But whey protein not only helps build muscles but also helps burn fat. This is because it is derived from the whey of milk and packed with proteins. Whey protein also works well as an appetite suppressant.

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