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Top 10 ways to get rid of Saggy Boobs with Bonus content.

Saggy breasts can effect your confidence but it is quite possible to do certain exercises and use other techniques to increase the size of your breasts and make them firmer. Below you will find the best free methods to get sexy breasts. With dedication it is quite possible to see results in 2 weeks.


Why do breasts sag?

As we get older our skin starts to become less elastic its a normal by product of ageing but this can be reversed.

Poor nutrition, alcohol and tobacco can also have a negative effect on your breasts.

How to fix saggy breasts after childbirth.

You can have firm breasts after childbirth start with the exercises we have prescribed and massage your breasts daily. At night sleep on your back.

How to get firm boobs.

One of the most effective exercises to get firm larger breasts are press ups you can start these on your knees and as you progress you can move your hands closer together.

How to tighten breasts.

Cucumber and egg yolk  have antioxidants use a blender to make the ingredients into a cream and then apply to your breasts for a few minutes next allow the nutrients absorb into your skin for 25 minutes before bed gently removing with warm water.

How to lift breasts.

Posture make sure to keep your back straight and shoulders pulled back if you hunch your breast tissues stretch.

Can saggy breasts become firm.

A good fitting bra will help to lift your breasts make sure your bra is not oversized or to tight a good option is.

Can saggy breasts be fixed with lotions or creams?

The only supplement we could find backed by clinical trials was Vollure™ It has trusted company reputation and the clinical trials suggest it will give you an 80% chance of visibly larger breasts. It is certainly an interesting option if your happy going down the paid route. We have included a link at the bottom of the page.  


rated number 1


KNEE press up exercises to cure saggy breastspress ups for saggy breasts close arm press ups to get firm breasts


Breast cancer what to look out for

rated at number 2

chest fly rated number to enhance breasts

stages of ptosis how to fix sagging boobs

RATED AT number 3



detailed illustration of breast structure 

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Alternating fly saggy breasts


number 5 in our list


Dumbbell great exercise for saggy breats

 RATED number 6

Cucumber revitalises the skin and yolk is high in vitamins and protein blend them together and apply to your breasts before bed for 35 minutes and then sleep on your back.

egg yold and cucumber cream for saggy breasts


rated at number 7

Ice massage use an ice cube and rub it in a circular motion around each breast dab dry with a soft towel put on a lifting bra for 20 minutes and repeat the process 4 times a day.





Massage improves blood circulation strengthening the muscles and tissues, use olive oil which contains antioxidants and fatty acids these can help repair the damage caused by free radicals.

massage to improve saggy breasts


rated number 9

Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera helps tighten saggy skin which will tighten your breasts. like olive oil it contains antioxidants that fight damage caused by free radicals .

If  you want faster results and your willing to pay Vollure™ is an exciting treatment that will boost and firm your sagging breasts. Offered by the prestigious and trusted Bauer nutrition it can be used with or without exercise.
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